What is SAQS?

SAQS: the State Aware Question Server. Read it like a word: 'sacks' or 'sax'.

SAQS 'serves' (asks) you questions, and if it knows who you are, it knows what questions to ask you and which questions you've already answered.

Which leads to...

What is a Question?

Most interactions on the web start with a question - You are asking a question when you:

  • ask someone to enter their name or email address
  • ask someone to enter a date on a form
  • ask for a comment
  • ask for a response to a question on a multi-question survey
  • or even when you offer someone a link to go somewhere different ("do you want to go here?")

SAQS can handle all of these questions.

Unobtrusive and Graceful

The best way to ask people questions is to present them in an unobtrusive fashion. Using SAQS you can embed questions directly into a page - you will notice examples of embedded questions on this site.

If it's not possible to embed a question, we can gracefully fall-back to non-embedded methods.

Un-opinionated, Client Agnostic and Multi-Modal

"Ask your questions simultaneously on any client, whether it's an iPad, a Blackberry, a web-browser or a Terminal"

Un-opinionated and client agnostic?

SAQS is as un-opinionated as possible. We don't want it to care or be fussed about whether it's serving questions to a web browser or an ipad application. Unless it's impossible to avoid, a SAQS questionnaire should work as easily and as well on any platform.

SAQS uses industry standard formats to deliver and receive data in a language independent format. With a published API, SAQS should be able to talk to pretty much any device out there.


A SAQS project can run on multiple platforms, with data automatically merged without needing to do anything different.

Open Source and Agile

We've used Open Source software from one end of the system to the other, from our chosen Operating system of Linux, through to server software languages of Ruby, Merb and Rails, right the way through to jQuery for client-side work. We will also be contributing back to the community to help keep the whole thing working.

We are an agile company and apply our knowledge of Agile techniques to our development process. To you, our client, this means we are able to deliver our product, and maintain, update and enhance it, rapidly and with the minimum of disruption to existing services. The Agile tenet of 'release early, release often, also means that new features and functionality make it into the system with considerable frequency, ensuring that we always offer you the best solution available.

Use SAQS for:

  • Quick polls and Quizzes
  • Wizards and Registration forms
  • Comment fields and embedded questions
  • Registration forms
  • Human Resources tools
  • Market research surveys